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Educational Services

The varied and relevant writing lessons Kit provided not only encouraged our students to write more confidently; they also contributed to their increased critical thinking capacity. Additionally, teachers’ motivation and confidence increased, which positively impacted their instruction. I highly recommend him to any organization or school that values writing as a means to connect, document, inspire, motivate, empower, and celebrate what is central to our humanity – giving people their voice with the written word.

María Marín, former teacher, principal, and school district administrator, currently adjunct professor and Diversity Recruitment Mentor at Northern Arizona University.

Kit, a passionate and caring individual, serves communities with his whole self. I have worked with many teachers who provide outreach to the community, but Kit stands out among them all. He dedicates a great deal of time and energy to ensure that students, teachers, and families have memorable writing experiences.

Valerie Selden, former Curriculum Service Provider, Ochoa Community School, now consultant, Associates for Educational Success

While I always teach fundamental writing skills, I never lose sight of the enduring value and power of writing to explore ourselves, and the people and the world around us, and to communicate these discoveries to others. 

Everyone has something worth saying, in writing. No exceptions.

Over the years, my students have included:

  • children from preschool through high school, including special needs students 
  • undergraduate and graduate students 
  • teachers and other educators
  • adults of all ages
  • parents
  • families
  • library audiences
  • incarcerated adults and adolescents.

I’ve taught extensively in Native communities, and in both English and Spanish.


Teaching writing is always fresh and exciting to me because every piece of writing is new and unique.


I teach in classrooms and through workshops and trainings.

One of my favorite formats is the family writing workshop, where family members write together and then share with the group if they choose.

I’ve trained others to conduct these events, including members of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

One doesn’t need to be a professional writer to create extraordinary work.


Rates may be negotiable depending on circumstances.

Workshop and training:


for the first hour per session

Workshop and training:


for each additional hour



per classroom hour